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If you, your family or friends have considered selling your home without an agent, but still want expert advice throughout the sale process, PropertyShop is the answer.

Propertyshop.ca gives you the power to sell your home through the internet on a Lawyer-based property sale website, with advice on preparing and showing your house for sale and my advice and assistance to support you throughout the entire sale transaction – including negotiating and preparing the Agreement of Purchase and Sale and all the legal fees to complete transaction- and this new alternative for selling your home will save you thousands of dollars in real estate commissions!

For a typical real estate sale, you would pay real estate commissions of approximately 5% – excluding legal fees. Using PropertyShop the fee can be as low as 1%, of the sale price, including legal fees (depending on the value of the sale price), payable on the closing.

PropertyShop Real Estate Lawyer North York

What Can PropertyShop.ca Do For Me?

Propertyshop.ca offers the following facilities to assist you in the private sale of your home:

  • An easy access website that provides you with the ability to post 20 plus photographs and a detailed description of the features of your home;
  • A 24 hour information telephone line that provides a detailed description of your home and allows potential purchasers to leave you a message;
  • A detailed lawn sign with audio features prepared specifically for your home;
  • A specific ID for your property that allows potential purchasers to search the PropertyShop website for detailed information on your home;
  • A toll-free number for country wide access;
  • A link to Mapquest so purchasers can easily locate your property.

For Example, here is the cost comparison for the sale of a $400,000.00 home:

With a Real Estate AgentWith PropertyShop.ca & Felix Rocca
Commission: 5% ($20,000)
Legal Fees (est.): $1,000
Registration & Lawn Sign: $500
Fees for the first $100,000: $3,000
Fees for the balance of sale price: 1% ($3,000)
Sub Total: $21,000Sub Total: $6,500
Taxes (GST): $1,050Taxes (GST): $325
Total: $22,050Total: $6,825
Your Total Estimated Savings: $15,225

How Can Felix Rocca Help?

I provide you with all the necessary legal assistance needed to prepare for and complete the real estate transaction, from the negotiation of the sale contract to the closing of the transaction, and you will never be left unassisted, including:

  • Assistance to enroll your home on propertyshop.ca;
  • Negotiation of your sales contract;
  • Preparation of a legally binding agreement of purchase and sale tailored to meet the requirements for the sale of your property;
  • Preparation of all legal documentation and correspondence to complete your sale;
  • Closing your sale and registration of discharge of any mortgages;
  • Advice and dealing with all legal issues and concerns.

In addition, I will be representing ONLY you – the Vendor, so there is no possibility of any conflict of interest on your sale.

You are responsible for showing your property and preparing it for sale and our website includes important information to assist you to enhance your property’s value. We can also assist you to find trusted services for property appraisal, to prepare your property for sale, declutter, do necessary repairs and painting, to stage your property to its best advantage and photograph your house for your web listing.

PropertyShop Staged Home for Sale - Felix Rocca & The Property Shop

As an added feature, PropertyShop has partnered with the Royal Bank of Canada and you will find Royal Bank links on our website to connect you with local RBC mortgage brokers and information about the neighbourhoods where you are interested in moving.

I invite you to visit www.propertyshop.ca and to call or email me at felixrocca@rogers.com for more information and a no-obligation consultation about this cost-effective alternative for selling your home, and saving your money!